CoVid-19 Policy


All members, coaches and on ice assistants of the Highland Community Curling Club will be required to be fully vaccinated or have a documented medical exemption prior to the start of this curling season. 

There will be a confidential verification process where all will be asked to show their vaccination receipts or Enhanced Vaccine Certificte* provided by the Ministry of Health or other issuing body to a Board Member and a Member of our CoVid-19 Committee.  No original or copy of the verification document(s) will be retained and no specific designation of 'vaccinated' or 'medical exemption' will be used.

For those children under the age of 12 who are not eligible for vaccinations, protocols similar to those used in the Thames Valley District School Board will be used; namely mandatory facemasks, hand sanitation and social distancing, when possible, when in the HCCC facility.


Our Club will adhere to all CoVid Safety requirements as recommended by the Government of Ontario, the Middlesex London Health Unit and Curling Canada.  This will include both on ice and off ice activities.

Masks must be worn at all times after entry to the facility.  Masks may be removed while curling, or seated in the lounges while eating and drinking.

Last Revised: August 18, 2021

* Enhanced Vaccine QR Certificate


The QR code vaccine certificate makes it easier and more convenient for members.

Get Your Enhanced QR Certificate

Vaccine receipts without a valid QR code are still valid proof of vaccination.