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FAQ: About Our New Club

faq.pngFrequently Asked Questions

We have received numerous great questions about our new Club and how it will operate this year.  Although we do not have all the answers to questions right now, we will do our best to be as open and transparent as possible with information.  There is a lot of work to be done in a very short time frame by volunteers with no paid employees, so please be patient with our ability to respond.

Questions can be asked by emailing This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Additional questions and answers will be posted regularly.  Please check back often.

Last Revised: August 18, 2021


  1. What will the Covid safety protocols look like?  Will we have to wear masks when we play?

We are excited to see that we are continuing towards reopening in Ontario which will mean a full house for the start of curling!  Guidance around Covid safety protocols during play will be based on the Curl Canada and CurlON recommendations and in alignment with the local and provincial health regulations.  More information will be available closer to the start of the season and will be shared in our Covid-19 Return to Play Guidelines.

The Highland Country Club will provide the guidance for acceptable activity in the dining/bar areas aligned to the Covid regulations that apply.  Curlers are asked to comply with all Covid safety requirements.

  1. Will there be any regulation about the vaccination status of members this year?

Vaccinations offer a tremendous public health and safety benefit, particularly for those with pre-existing health conditions. As such, the Highland Community Curling Club Board of Directors has implemented a policy that all members, coaches and on ice assistants who are eligible, will be required to be fully vaccinated prior to the start of the curling season.  Verification will be done through a confidential process. 

Members who cannot comply with these requirements may not sign-up for play this season.

  1. Who determines the fee structure and how will fees be collected this year?

The fee structure has been determined by the Highland Community Curling Club Interim Board and was included in the Information Package sent by email on July 26.  It is also available on the Home page of our website.  Fees will be collected during the online Sign-Up process by the Highland Community Curling Club. 

Payment options include credit-cards (other than AMEX) as part of the online Sign-Up process, or e-transfer.  Cheques are strongly discouraged this season as the Club does not yet have a mailing address.

Sign-Up is scheduled to open online mid-August and be completed by August 31.

  1. Will there be a capital levy fee this year?

We will be doing quite a lot of fundraising this year to build a capital reserve and in future years, a capital reserve levy may become part of the annual fees.

  1. When will I sign up for curling leagues this year?

League Sign-Up will be done online through this website beginning around the middle of August.  You will be able to select the leagues you wish to play in and identify your team where team entry is required. Detailed information and instrctions were sent prior to opening.  Online Sign-Up will close on Monday, September 20, 2021.

  1. What are the highlights of the lease agreement with Highland Country Club?

Details of the lease agreement are still being finalized.  The Highland Community Curling Club will be a separate entity from Highland Country Club and will be registered as a Not for Profit. The Highland Community Curling Club will lease the curling rink facility from Highland Country Club.

  1.  Will members be able to see the lease agreement once it is completed?

The Highland Community Curling Club is committed to doing things in a transparent and inclusive manner.  This extends to things like Board minutes and important documents (not subject to legal privilege or privacy concerns). The bylaws currently being drafted address the availability of Board Minutes by the members of the Club. 

  1. Who will be financially responsible for the repair and maintenance of the ice pad? How is this going to be funded?

Highland Community Curling Club will be responsible for any repairs, supplies or replacement to all equipment required to make ice.   The leasing agreement will define this aspect in detail.  A reserve fund will be created to ensure the curling operation is sustainable going forward.

  1. Will Highland Community Curling Club have any employees other than ice staff, or will it be mostly volunteer?

There are no employees of the Highland Community Curling Club.  Ice staff are on a contract basis and there is no plan to have a curling coordinator position.   All administrative activities will be done by volunteers in year 1 with a plan to hire a curling manager in the future when financially feasible.

  1. Do Curlers still have locker room access and broom holders? 

Yes, curlers will have locker room access as well as an assigned locker based on membership level and locker availability.  Available locker supply is limited.  Broom holders will remain as they are for the time being.


  1. What Food and Beverage service will be available to curlers?

Curlers will have access to all club dining areas during the curling season during all hours of operation.  Outside of the curling season, only those with the social membership may use the club facilities.   

Curlers will pay the same for food and beverage as Highland Country Club members and there is no minimum spend required.  Payment may be made with cash, debit, or credit card.  Curlers who are full club members or have a social membership (see question 12) may use a chit. 

Curlers will be able to book private functions at the club in the banquet/dining spaces.

Curlers will have access (based on room availability) to the banquet facilities for bonspiels and events throughout the season.

  1. What is the Social Membership option?

All curlers may purchase a Social membership to the Highland Country Club.  The cost is $300 plus monthly gratuity charges and the Capital Levy fee payable to the Highland Country Club.  The Social membership allows chit privileges, access to the club’s dining room, third floor and patio for the entire year including any special events offered by the club.    Food and beverage, and other charges, will be billed by Highland Country Club directly.  The Social membership is shareable within a household.

Contact the Highland Country Club directly if you are interest in the Social membership option.

  1. Will the outside of the club be maintained during the winter months for snow and ice?

Yes, maintenance will continue for the outside of the building during the country club hours of operation.

  1.  Will there be any change to the dress code when at the club?

No, the dress code will remain the same.  All curlers will be expected to conduct their activities in a manner that is respectful of the Highland Country Club’s code of conduct.

  1. What happened to the Thursday afternoon womens’ league?

Due to attendance in that league (typically only 16 curlers or so in the past), the decision was made to offer a Friday open (mixed - open to men and/or women) daytime league instead. There are still two other daytime women's leagues women can play in. Also, since Women's Club C is offered on Thursday night, we sought to move the 'third' daytime league that women can play in to Friday so that if any of those women wanted to play Thursday night they could play Friday AM as well.

Going forward,  league offerings and schedules may be adjusted based on Sign-Up participants (if too many or too few members apply for a league).

  1.  How can friends receive communication from the Highland Community Curling Club?

To become part of our curling community, simply submit a New Member Request on the homepage of our website CurlHighland.com 

Click on New Member Request button on the right side of the Homepage  (below the Member Login) and complete the form, then submit by clicking on Sign-Up.  You will receive an email from the Highland Community Curling Club asking you to verify your email address.  After you confirm your email address, you will be notified by email that you can access the Members area by logging in with the Username and Password you specified during your sign-up. 


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