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Laser Measuring Devices

New this Season!

Our new laser curling measures have been generously donated in memory of Jack Palmer, who passed on January 2, 2022. Jack was a long-time member of the Highland (Community) Curling Club whose passion for curling was evident in every area of the club. Whether it was to help out with learn-to-curl sessions, or with bonspiels, volunteer for major events like the Brier, The Scotties, Continental Cup, Jack was one of the first to sign up. Shortly before his death, he had become a Board member of the newly minted Highland Community Curling Club. Many of you know Jack’s wife, Dorothy, who along with her sons and their families, decided to donate these laser curling measures in Jack’s memory. When you use them, please give a silent thank you to Jack, Dorothy, and their family for not having to carry the old heavy measures across several sheets of ice!

Laser Measuring Device

How to use a Laser Mearure:

  • Carefully place the measure's pin in the centre hole of the house, aim the unit towards the stone you are measuring, then press the red arrow button once to turn on the laser beam and begin displaying distance measurements.
  • Slowly sweep the laser dot across the centre of the stones striking band. Observe that the beam is centered on the middle of the stone. (The adjustment knob at the back of the Measure will allow beam to be adjusted up or down).
  • While slowly sweeping laser beam across the centre of the stone, watch the display for the lowest number obtained, then carefully press the red arrow button to hold that number. That measurement will be held until Measure enters auto shut off (approximately 4-5 min).
  • Once you've held on the first rock, turn to the second and compare as the Laser Measure will hold and display two consecutive measurements.
  • If your measure is inside the distance of the laser measure, you will need to use the traditional dial measure stick.

They are found at both ends of the ice, between sheets 3 and 4.

Please return the device to its storage box immediately after use!

Warning! The light beam emitted from a Class 2 laser generally has a small amount of power, however, it can be concentrated enough to damage the human eye.

At all times when the laser is on, it should be held in a downward position so not to accidently shine in the eyes of anyone on your sheet or surrounding sheets.

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