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Day Men's Club 'C'

2000-01 A.Easter K.Schofield J.Kilpatrick M.Robinson
2001-02 J.Moroz R.McNabb J.Bruce L.Kuzych
2002-03 A.Suski H.Sandford B.Wooton B.Buchanan
2003-04 J.Moroz   J.Bruce L.Kuzych
2004-05 B.Wooton D.Grant G.Webster/D.Lahti A.Thompson
2005-06 S.McBride J.Lefeuvre/D.Lahti B.Weaver T.Mitchell
2006-07 B.Philp D.Campbell H.Osborne S.Watson/D.Bowman
2007-08 B.Taylor C.Bowden J.Stewart B.Buchanan
2008-09 G.Webster B.Wooton D.Grant J.Rothwell
2009-10 G.Webster R.Robbins D.Grant J.Stewart
2010-11 P.Meek M.Mitchell D.Mutch D.Dittmer/M.Nordine
2011-12 D.Glass D.Lahti D.Alexander D.Bownam/C.Palmer
2012-13 D.Glass D.Lahti D.Bowman  C.Palmer
2013-14 D.Glass D.Lahti D.Bowman C.Palmer
2014-15 D.Nixon B.Heasman T.Geldard/R.Parker K.Simpson/K.MacDonald
2015-16 D.Glass D.Lahti D.Bowman C.Palmer
2016-17 D.Glass D.Lahti D.Bowman  C.Palmer 
2017-18 B.Soanes T.Bell J.Reddon G.Walsh
2018-19 H.Betkus G.Harris R.Travers J.Thomas/G.Pullin
2019-20     Season Suspended
2020-21     Season Cancelled
HCCC Highland Community Curling Club
2021-22 D.Lahti R.Pero R.Declercq D.Bowman/D.Glass
2022-23 R.Munro R.Hoevenaars C.Bowden J.Belle

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Highland Community Curling Club
1922 Highland Heights
London, ON
N6C 2T4


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About The Club

Highland Community Curling Club is proud to offer a safe and fun curling experience for all.  We welcome all skill levels to come out and enjoy curling.

Our accessible curling centre is centrally located at the Highland Country Club, in London, Ontario.