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Who can Spare?

Curlers who are not members of our club cannot spare.

All members may curl and spare as many times as they want within the leagues that they normally play.

If a spare is not available within your league, spares can be drawn from all membership categories as follows:

  • Unlimited (Adult Unlimited, Intermediate Unlimited, Student Unlimited): unlimited sparing.
  • Adult 2-League:  may spare up to five (5) times per season total in any another league.
  • Adult 1-League:  may spare up to three (3) times per season total in any another league.
  • Junior (U21):  may spare up to five (5) times total in other leagues at the discretion of the convenor.
  • Bantam (U16): cannot spare in other leagues.
  • Limited Leagues: cannot spare in other leagues.
  • Spare Only: may spare up to twelve (12) times per season total in any league, including playoffs.
  • Practice Only: cannot spare.
  • Affiliate Memberships: cannot spare.
  • Non-HCCC Curlers: cannot spare.

Sparing Guidelines

  1. Try to find a spare from those listed as available to spare within your league, before looking in other leagues:
    • Member-Central > Find A Spare
  2. Try to find a spare who normally plays at the same position/level.
  3. Please use Member-Central > My Sparing Availability, to indicate if you are regularly available to spare in a league.

It is the responsibility of all HCCC members to be aware of our League Guidelines and to adhere to the Sparing guidelines, rules and restrictions within:

  • Curling > Leagues > League Guidelines

Any infraction will be subject to review and possible action.

We are a fully volunteer run club and rely on the honour system for adherence to our Sparing guidelines.

Last Revised: August 18, 2023

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Highland Community Curling Club is proud to offer a safe and fun curling experience for all.  We welcome all skill levels to come out and enjoy curling.

Our accessible curling centre is centrally located at the Highland Country Club, in London, Ontario.